Getting Started

Waiting for your kit.png

Here is a list of different things to do and starting thinking about while you wait for your goodies to arrive!

  • Be sure to reach out to me to let me know you have joined.
  • Once I receive a friend request from you I will be adding you to our the FB groups. Take some time and take a look around and ask any questions you may have.
  • Log into your Designer Office and take a look around and get familiar with the system. You may want to even order some great products!!
  • Think of ways to plan to share these amazing products….{Hint – Social Media, Create-N-Takes, Vendor Events, Etc?}
  • Fill out the Goals Sheet that is in the New Designer Orientation Packet and create a plan on how you can achieve them.
  • Fill out the Contact List that is in the New Designer Orientation Packet of people that you’ll want to reach out to about Chalk Couture.
  • Once the list is complete start reaching out to those people to inform them of your new adventure and how {EXCITED} you are about it.
  • Set all the Social Media accounts you want to use to advertise…Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Compile a list of posts and images you want to put on Social Media.
  • You may consider setting up a blog. If so start writing out some posts.
  • Set up your VistaPrint account and get your business cards ordered.
  • Take a look at the Business Essentials list and make sure you have everything you will need to get started once you receive your kit.
  • You may want to set up a separate email account that is specifically for your Chalk Couture business. (I suggest using gmail.)
  • If you plan on working Chalk Couture as a business you may want to look into opening a separate checking account and how you will want to track all your expenses. I suggest QuickBooks.
  • If you plan on doing events outside of your home you will want to track your milage. Make sure you are ready to do that either in an app on your phone or a place in your planner.
  • Figure out how you want to keep track of customers so you can easily follow up with them after purchasing. Ex: Use a spreadsheet, index cards, or a section in your planner, etc.
  • If you are new to direct sales you may want to consider reading up on it. there are a ton of great book and websites out there. Here are some of my favorite books.
  • Designate a space in your home that you want to be your Chalk Couture area. Even if space is limited try and find a small area to store your product.

Whew! Well that should keep you busy while you wait for your kit! If you have anymore questions or need help with anything please contact me!

Download a copy here!