FAQ’s about becoming an Independent Designer with Chalk Couture

How much is the designer kit?

Only $99, plus shipping.

Do I have to sell product?

Not at all! You can be Hobbyist Designer and take part of the fabulous 40% discount on all the product. But, you will still need to pay the monthly $25.99 monthly website fee.

What is included in the $25.99 monthly website fee?

Access to the Designer Office, Personal Website, Couture Club Chalk Transfer, Chalk Shop {Point of Sale} App, Marketing Materials {Vista Print Account} provided by crop, Business Documents, and Corporate Communication.

What are the monthly & quarterly minimums?

Monthly: The $25.99 website fee. If you would like to be a Qualified Designer you will need to have $100 personal volume a month. {Qualified Designer helps your sponsor reach different rankings.}

Quarterly: To be an Active Designer and qualify for the amazing wholesale pricing you need $150 personal volume a quarter.

What discount will I receive being an Independent Designer?

You will receive a 40% discount on Chalk Couture products. Those prices are already reflected in out designer office when you purchase your inventory. When you join, Chalk Couture gives you a onetime use 50% Off Retail coupon! Yes that is right – they give you an extra 10% off our already discounted wholesale product to stock up! It will arrive in your email the Tuesday or Wednesday the week after you join.

What Commission do I earn?

Website Commissions: When customer purchases from your website, corporate will fulfill that order and ship it out, and you will receive 25% deferred commissions on those orders. Deferred Commissions are paid out the following month on the 15th.

Personal Inventory Commissions: If you purchase your own inventory and sell it at retail pricing you will receive 40% instant commissions. Instant Commissions meaning you will not have to wait for Chalk Couture to send you commission the following month.

Chalk Couture also offers Designer Dollars and Savvy Seller Rewards that are paid with commissions on the 15th of the month.

Designer Dollars: You earn $20 in Designer Dollars (coupon code discount) for EVERY $200PV. Ex: if you have $1000PV you will earn $100 Designer Dollars. Designer Dollar Coupon Codes are emailed to you between the 15th and 18th the following month. Now Savvy Seller CASH bonuses kick in at $2000PV ON TOP of any Designer Dollars you earn. Another Ex: if you were to have $2500PV you would receive $240 Designer Dollars AND $250 CASH!! So Savvy Seller Bonuses are 10% of your PV over $2000 and 20% of your PV over $4000….so if you had $4000PV one month you would receive $800 CASH from the Savvy Seller and $400 in Designer Dollars!!! WOW is your mind blown yet!?

Also once you start building a team you will then start earning commissions off your team. We have an amazon compensation plan. If you are interested in see the chart and get more in depth information about it CONTACT ME. The first time you hit Master Mentor you get a $500 CASH Bonus!! Who could use an $500!

What is Designer Debut?

Chalk Couture offers a very generous Designer Debut program to get extra Designer Dollar bonuses! There are 3 different phases in this program. If you complete all the phases in the allotted time you would get and extra $480 Designer Dollars! {Remember that is in-addition to Designer Dollars and Savvy Sellers Cash Bonus!}

  • Phase 1: starts the month you sign up, plus one additional month. In Phase 1 you need to have total of $600PV to receive an addition $60 in Designer Debut Dollars.
  • Phase 2: is your 2nd full month {which is technically your 3rd month as a Designer.} In Phase 2 you need to have a total of $800PV to receive an additional $80 in Designer Debut Dollars.
  • Phase 3: is your 3rd full month {which is technically your 4th month as a Designer.}   In Phase 2 you need to have a total of $1000PV to receive an additional $100 in Designer Debut Dollars.
  • Once you complete all three phases you will get a BONUS REWARD of $240!

If you add ALL of that together that is $480 in Designer Debut Dollars!! If you hit the entire $2400PV within the first month you will get a total of $300 in Designer Debut Dollars plus your regular Designer Dollars and the Savvy Sellers Cash Bonus!! Do you see what I am talking about very very generous compensation plans!!!

{Again! Remember this is all in-addition to the regular Designer Dollars.}

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 10.43.01 PM.pngAs a designer are you required to keep inventory?

Not at all! But if you are planning on  doing vendor events or expo events, I suggest to keep some kind of inventory on hand. Remember you will be making a 40% instant commission when  you sell the product at retail.

Do I have to do parties? 

Nope! This is YOUR business.

Can we design our own transfers?  

At the moment No, but they are always taking suggestions.

Are the designs commercially licensed and can we make our own things and sell them?

YES! You are free to use the silkscreen transfer designs and put them on any surface, and then turn around and sell that product. 100% Yes.

So now everyone will have the same designs to sell?

Everyone is ALREADY making the same designs!! YOU make it YOURS – Remember this is YOUR business.

Can I join Chalk Couture if I am out side of the United States?

As of right now Chalk Couture is only in the United States.