January Incentives

Incentive 1

Shopping Spree Giveaway January 18-31!

For $200PV order placed from the 18th to the 31st you will get 1 entry into the giveaway! You will need to screen shot your orders from the 18th to the 31st and comment them on this post. If you order a board you will need to pay the Premium Shipping price. {I will pay the base shipping price}

Should I give another $250 away!?!?! If I reach Couturier Rank I will give another $250 in Chalk Couture product away for anyone who has $600PV or more. 1 Entry for every $200PV.Shopping Spree.png

Incentive 2

Open to ALL Levels

Get your own Exclusive Sparkle B{ee} Keychain. You need to reach Mentor Rank to receive your own. Every level after that you will get a charm for each rank above Mentor. Once you have reached Mentor comment MENTOR!

You are the kindest.png