How to use Chalk Couture

You will need 3 things to complete a project.

  • Chalk Couture Chalk Transfers
  • Chalkology Paste
  • Any Surface

That is it! You would think that Chalk Couture Products can only be used on chalkboards….but you can use them on multiple surfaces like: wood, glass, tile, white boards, burlap, tile, walls, fabric and more!

Let’s get started you will need to prep a few things before you actually chalk. First put some kind of marking on the back of the transfer so you know what side NOT to put the transfer back onto. You {ALWAYS} want to put the sticky side of the transfer back on the {Shiny} side of the backer. We recommend that for the first time you use a new Chalk Transfer you use a blow dryer on a warm setting to warm up the back of the transfer. {This just simply helps the transfer from off the backing easier} This only needs to be done the first time you are taking the transfer off the backing. Depending on the transfer you have decided to use you may need to cut it apart into different sections. Grab the Chalkology Paste colors that you are using and you may need to stir them to get them to a smooth creamy constancy. I also recommend cutting our Small Squeegee into two pieces to help it fit into the Chalkology Paste container easier. You are now ready to get chalking!

Now that you have your surface ready to go:

  • Carefully peel the transfer off the backer. {I recommend taking two corners and peeling it off the backer. Instead of just one corner. You will get less stretching peeling two sides at a time.}
  • Lightly press the transfer onto the surface and smooth out any bubbles.
  • Grab some Chalkology Paste with one half of the small squeegee and spread it over the surface you want covered with that color.
  • Once the designer is covered, lightly scrape off the excess paste and put it back in the jar. {Chalkology Paste dries pretty fast so you need to work quickly.}
  • Peel the transfer off the surface. Just like you did off the backer take two corners and peel off.

Yep it is that simple!!!


Now that you have created your master piece you need to clean your transfer so you can use it again.

To Clean:

  • Rinse transfer under running water and gently rub all the Chalkology Paste off.
  • Place clean transfer on a towel or paper towel and wipe both side with any sanitizing wipe. This helps get any left over chalk residue off the transfer.  {I like the Clorox brand wipes.}
  • Set your transfer sticky side up and let air dry. {Do not leave out for to long.}
  • Once dry, place the backer on the sticky side of the transfer. {It is easier to place the back on the transfer then placing the transfer on the back.}


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